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“I didn’t use any gloves and after two hours of paddling my hands were free of any blisters. It is made of high quality material and the company had great customer service.”

- Jason, Breast of Texas Dragon Boat Team


“I didn’t think I needed one until I tried it! Surprisingly comfortable and does not inhibit or distract while paddling. The ends did not flip up, fray, or unstick in any way and there was no visible residue.”

- Kathy, Stand Up Paddle Boarding Guide

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“This is an amazing product! No more sticky waxes, and the slight padding in this product is so comfortable that blisters are a thing of the past.”

- Lynn, Dragon Dream Team

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"I love it! I've tried grip tapes in the past and never liked them, because they were too thick and didn’t give me a good feel of the paddle shaft in my hand. I like to feel my connection to the paddle. This grip is different. It has thousands of soft, flexible gel-like fingers that provide excellent grip without the need for wax or gloves."

- kristin, paddlechica

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