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What Kind of Paddler Are You?

If you have ever participated in a sport that involves paddling, you know it can be painful for your hands at times. Some people wear gloves or use wax, but gloves can feel restricting and wax can be sticky and messy.

HoldFast Grips are a product that has exceptional gripping capabilities, and actually enhances your grip when it gets wet. Additionally, we have different types of grips for specific sports and applications.

Think about the questions below to see which type of grip would work best for you:

Do you participate in races and competitions? Do you typically train more than four times a week? If so, you are a Competitive Paddler.

Recommended product(s):

- 18" Kayak & Canoe Grip Strips, Pair

- T-Grip Dragon Boat Combo Pack

- 11" Stand-Up Paddle Board Grip, Single

Do you often paddle just for fun? Do you typically paddle a few times a week or less? If so, you are a Leisure Paddler.

Recommended product(s):

- 6" Kayak & Canoe Grips, Pair

- 11" Stand-Up Paddle Board Grip, Single

- T-Grip Dragon Boat Combo Pack

Have you ever used a product to improve grip for your paddle? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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